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The root qSd (ق ص د) occurs 6 times in Quran, in 5 derived forms:
  • 1 times as form VIII active adjective mqtSdẗ
  • 1 times as active noun qaSd
  • 1 times as noun qSd
  • 1 times as verb aqSd
  • 2 times as form VIII active noun mqtSd



and if they would but truly observe the Torah and the Gospel and all [the revelation] that has been bestowed from on high upon them by their Sustainer, they would indeed partake of all the blessings of heaven and earth. Some of them do pursue a right course; but as for most of them -vile indeed is what they do!*
Had there been [a prospect of] immediate gain, and an easy journey, they would certainly have followed thee, [O Prophet:] but the distance was too great for them* . And yet, [after your return, O believers,] they will swear by God, "Had we been able to do so, we would certainly have set out with you!" - [and by thus falsely swearing] they will be destroying their own selves: for God knows indeed that they are lying!
And [because He is your Creator,] it rests with God alone to show you the right path:* yet there is [many a one] who swerves from it. However, had He so willed, He would have guided you all aright.*
“Hence, be modest in thy bearing, and lower thy voice: for, behold, the ugliest of all voices is the [loud] voice of asses…"
For [thus it is with most men:] when the waves engulf them like shadows [of death], they call unto God, sincere [at that moment] in their faith in Him alone: but as soon as He has brought them safe ashore, some of them stop half-way [between belief and unbelief]* Yet none could knowingly reject Our messages unless he be utterly perfidious, ingrate.
And so, We have bestowed this divine writ as a heritage unto such of Our servants as We chose: and among them are some who sin against themselves; and some who keep half-way [between right and wrong];* and some who, by God's leave, are fore­most in deeds of goodness: [and] this, indeed, is a merit most high!