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The root myd (م ي د) occurs 5 times in Quran, in 2 derived forms:
  • 2 times as noun maadẗ
  • 3 times as verb tmyd



[And,] lo, the white-garbed ones said: "O Jesus, son of Mary! Could thy Sustainer send down unto us a repast from heaven?"* [Jesus] answered: "Be conscious of God, if you are [truly] believers!"
Said Jesus, the son of Mary: "O God, our Sustainer! Send down upon us a repast from heaven: it shall be an ever-recurring feast for us - for the first and the last of us -and a sign from Thee. And provide us our sustenance, for Thou art the best of providers!"
And he has placed firm mountains on earth, lest it sway with you,* and rivers and paths, so that you might find your way,
And [are they not aware that] We have set up firm mountains on earth, lest it sway with them,* and [that] We have appointed thereon broad paths, so that they might find their way,
He [it is who] has created the skies without any supports that you could see,* and has placed firm mountains upon the earth, lest it sway with you,* and has caused all manner of living creatures to multiply thereon. And We* send down water from the skies, and thus We cause every noble kind [of life] to grow on earth.*