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The root ESf (ع ص ف) occurs 7 times in Quran, in 5 derived forms:
  • 1 times as noun AaSfẗ
  • 1 times as verbal noun ASf2
  • 1 times as active noun AaSfat
  • 2 times as active AaSf
    • 1 times as adjective
    • 1 times as noun
  • 2 times as noun ASf



And unto Solomon [We made subservient] the stormy wind, so that it sped at his behest towards the land which We had blessed:* for it is We who have knowledge of everything.
and then storming on with a tempest's force!




He it is who enables you to travel on land and sea. And [behold what happens] when you go to sea in ships:* [they go to sea in ships,] and they sail on in them in a favourable wind, and they rejoice thereat until there comes upon them a tempest, and waves surge towards them from all sides, so that they believe themselves to be encompassed [by death; and then] they call unto God, [at that moment] sincere in their faith in Him alone, "If Thou wilt but save us from this, we shall most certainly be among the grateful!"
[This, then, is] the parable of those who are bent on denying their Sustainer: all their works* are as ashes which the wind blows about fiercely on a stormy day: [in the life to come,] they cannot achieve any benefit whatever from all [the good] that they may have wrought: for this [denial of God] is indeed the farthest one can go astray.*
and grain growing tall on its stalks, and sweet-smelling plants.
and caused them to become like a field of grain that has been eaten down to stubble*