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The root sHt (س ح ت) occurs 4 times in Quran, in 2 derived forms:
  • 1 times as form IV verb ysHt
  • 3 times as noun sHt



Said Moses to them: "Woe unto you! Do not invent lies against God,* lest He afflict you with most grievous suffering: for He who contrives [such] a lie is already undone!"
those who eagerly listen to any falsehood, greedily swallowing all that is evil!* Hence, if they come to thee [for judgment],* thou mayest either judge between them or leave them alone: for, if thou leave them alone, they cannot harm thee in any way. But if thou dost judge, judge between them with equity :* verily, God knows those who act equitably.
And thou canst see many of them vie with one another in sinning and tyrannical conduct and in their swallowing of all that is evil.
Why do not their men of God and their rabbis* forbid them to make sinful assertions and to swallow all that is evil? Vile indeed is what they contrive!