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The root zlf (ز ل ف) occurs 10 times in Quran, in 3 derived forms:
  • 2 times as noun zlfẗ
  • 4 times as form IV verb azlft
  • 4 times as noun zlfya



And be constant in praying at the beginning and the end* of the day, as well as during the early watches of the night:* for, verily, good deeds drive away evil deeds: this is a reminder to all who bear [God] in mind.
Yet in the end, when they shall see that [fulfilment] close at hand, the faces of those who were bent on denying the truth will be stricken with grief; and they will be told, "This it is that you were [so derisively] calling for!"
And We caused the pursuers* to draw near unto that place:
For, [on that Day,] paradise will be brought within sight of the God-conscious,
And [on that Day] paradise will be brought within the sight of* the God-conscious, and will no longer be far away; [and they will be told:]
and when paradise is brought into view:



For, it is neither your riches nor your children that can bring you nearer to Us: only he who attains to faith and does what is right and just [comes near unto Us]; and it is [such as] these whom multiple recompense awaits for all that they have done; and it is they who shall dwell secure in the mansions [of paradise] –
And thereupon We forgave him that [sin]: and, verily, nearness to Us awaits him [in the life to come], and the most beauteous of all goals!
And, verily, nearness to Us awaits him [in the life to come], and the most beauteous of all goals!
Is it not to God alone that all sincere faith is due? And yet, they who take for their protectors aught beside Him [are wont to say], “We worship them for no other reason than that they bring us nearer to God."* Behold, God will judge between them [on Resur­rection Day] with regard to all wherein they differ [from the truth]:* for, verily, God does not grace with His guidance anyone who is bent on lying [to himself and is] stubbornly ingrate!*