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    • wkA
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The root wkA (و ك ا) occurs 11 times in Quran, in 4 derived forms:
  • 1 times as form V verb atwkaa
  • 1 times as form VIII passive noun mtk
  • 1 times as form VIII verb ytk
  • 8 times as form VIII active noun mtkyn



He answered: "It is my staff; I lean on it; and with it I beat down leaves for my sheep; and [many] other uses have I for it."
Thereupon, when she heard of their malicious talk, she sent for them, and prepared for them a sumptuous repast,* and handed each of them a knife and said [to Joseph]: "Come out and show thyself to them!" And when the women saw him, they were greatly amazed at his beauty,* and [so flustered were they that] they cut their hands [with their knives], exclaiming, "God save us! This is no mortal man! This is nought but a noble angel!"
and [silver] doors for their houses, and [silver] couches whereon to recline,



theirs shall be gardens of perpetual bliss - [gardens] through which running waters flow - wherein they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and will wear green garments of silk and brocade, [and] wherein upon couches they will recline:"* how excellent a recompense, and how goodly a place to rest!
in happiness will they and their spouses on couches recline;*


wherein they will recline, [and] wherein they may [freely] call for many a fruit and drink,
reclining on couches [of happiness] ranged in rows!"* And [in that paradise] We shall mate them with companions pure, most beautiful of eye.*
[In such a paradise the blest will dwell,] reclin­ing upon carpets lined with rich brocade;* and the fruit of both these gardens will be within easy reach.
[In such a paradise will they dwell,] reclining upon meadows green and carpets rich in beauty.
reclining upon them, facing one another [in love].*
In that [garden] they will on couches recline, and will know therein neither [burning] sun nor cold severe,