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The root tsE (ت س ع) occurs 7 times in Quran, in 2 derived forms:
  • 2 times as noun tsAẗ
  • 5 times as noun tsA



Now there were in the city nine men who were wont to commit deeds of depravity all over the land, and would not reform;*
Over it are nineteen [powers].*
AND, INDEED, We gave unto Moses nine clear messages.* Ask, then, the children of Israel* [to tell thee what happened] when he came unto them, [and appealed to Pharaoh,* ] and Pharaoh said unto him, "Verily, O Moses, I think that thou art full of sorcery!"*
AND [some people assert], "They remained in their cave three hundred years"; and some have added nine [to that number].*


“Now place thy hand into thy bosom: it will come forth [shining] white, without blemish!"* [And thou shalt go] with nine [of My] messages unto Pharaoh and his people* for, verily, they are people depraved!"
“Behold, this is my brother: he has ninety-nine ewes, whereas I have [only] one ewe - and yet he said, 'Make her over to me,' and forcibly prevailed against me in this [our] dispute."