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The root sqf (س ق ف) occurs 4 times in Quran, in 1 derived forms:
  • 4 times as noun sqf



Those who lived before them did, too, devise many a blasphemy* -whereupon God visited with destruction all that they had ever built,* [striking] at its very foundations, so that the roof fell in upon them from above* and suffering befell them without their having perceived whence it came.
and [that] We have set up the sky as a canopy well-secured?* And yet, they stubbornly turn away from [all] the signs of this [creation],
And were it not that [with the prospect of boundless riches before them] all people would become one [evil] community,* We might indeed have provided for those who [now] deny the Most Gracious roofs of silver for their houses, and [silver] stairways whereon to ascend,
Consider the vault [of heaven] raised high!