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    • nb*
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The root nb* (ن ب ذ) occurs 12 times in Quran, in 2 derived forms:
  • 2 times as form VIII verb antbźt
  • 10 times as verb nbź



AND CALL to mind, through this divine writ,* Mary. Lo! She withdrew from her family to an eastern place
and in time she conceived him, and then she withdrew with him to a far-off place.
Is it not so that every time they made a promise [unto God], some of them cast it aside? Nay, indeed: most of them do not believe.
And [even now,] when there has come unto them an apostle from God, confirming the truth already in their possession, some of those who were granted revelation aforetime cast the divine writ behind their backs as though unaware [of what it says],*
AND LO, God accepted a solemn pledge from those who were granted earlier revelation [when He bade them]: "Make it known unto mankind, and do not conceal it!"* But they cast this [pledge] behind their backs, and bartered it away for a trifling gain: and how evil was their bargain!*
or, if thou hast reason to fear treachery* from people [with whom thou hast made a covenant], cast it back at them in an equitable manner:* for, verily, God does not love the treacherous!
He answered: "I have gained insight into something which they were unable to see:* and so I took hold of a handful of the Apostle's teachings and cast it away: for thus has my mind prompted me [to act]."*
And so We seized him and his hosts and cast them into the sea: and behold what happened in the end to those evildoers:
but We caused him to be cast forth on a desert shore, sick [at heart] as he was,
We seized him and his hosts, and cast them all into the sea: and [none but Pharaoh] himself was to blame [for what happened].*
[And remember:] had not grace from his Sustainer reached him,* he would indeed have been cast forth upon that barren shore in a state of disgrace:*
Nay, but [in the life to come such as] he shall indeed be abandoned to crushing torment!*