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    • nHt
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The root nHt (ن ح ت) occurs 4 times in Quran, in 1 derived forms:
  • 4 times as verb ynHt



"And remember how He made you heirs to [the tribe of] `Ad* and settled you firmly on earth, so that you [are able to] build for yourselves castles on its plains and hew out mountains [to serve you] as dwellings:* remember, then, God's blessings, and do not act wickedly on earth by spreading corruption."
notwithstanding that they had been wont [to enjoy Our blessings and] to hew out dwellings from the mountains, [wherein they could live] in security*
and that you will [always be able to] hew dwellings out of the mountains with [the same] great skill?"*
He answered: “Do you worship something that you [yourselves] have carved,