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The root n$r (ن ش ر) occurs 21 times in Quran, in 10 derived forms:
  • 1 times as form IV passive noun mnşryn
  • 1 times as form II passive adjective mnşrẗ
  • 1 times as form VIII active adjective mntşr
  • 1 times as noun nşr
  • 1 times as active noun naşrat
  • 2 times as passive noun mnşwr
  • 3 times as form IV verb anşr
  • 3 times as verb nşrt
  • 3 times as form VIII verb tntşr
  • 5 times as noun nşwr



“That [which is ahead of us] is but our first [and only] death, and we shall not be raised to life again.*



Yea, everyone of them claims that he [himself] ought to have been given revelations unfolded!*



they will come forth from their graves, with their eyes downcast, [swarming about] like locusts scattered [by the wind],



Consider these [messages] that spread [the truth] far and wide,




And every human being's destiny have We tied to his neck;* and on the Day of Resurrection We shall bring forth for him a record which he will find wide open;


on wide-open scrolls.*



And yet* some people choose to worship certain earthly things or beings as deities* that [are supposed to] resurrect [the dead; and they fail to realize that],


And He it is who sends down, again and again, waters from the sky in due measure:* and [as] We raise therewith dead land to life, even thus will you be brought forth [from the dead].
and then, if it be His will, He shall raise him again to life,



Hence, now that you have withdrawn from them and from all that they worship instead of God, take refuge in that cave: God will spread His grace over you, and will endow you - whatever your [outward] condition - with all that your souls may need!*
And it is He who sends down rain after [men] have lost all hope, and unfolds His grace [thereby]:* for He alone is [their] Protector, the One to whom all praise is due.
and when the scrolls [of men's deeds] are unfolded,



And among His wonders is this: He creates you out of dust –* and then, lo! you become human beings ranging far and wide!


O YOU who have attained to faith! Do not enter the Prophet's dwellings unless you are given leave; [and when invited] to a meal, do not come [so early as] to wait for it to be readied: but whenever you are invited, enter [at the proper time]; and when you have partaken of the meal, disperse without lingering for the sake of mere talk: that, behold, might give offence to the Prophet, and yet he might feel shy of [asking] you [to leave]: but God is not shy of [teaching you] what is right.* And [as for the Prophet's wives,] whenever you ask them for anything that you need, ask them from behind a screen:* this will but deepen the purity of your hearts and theirs. Moreover, it does not behove you to give offence to God's Apostle - just as it would not behove you ever to marry his widows after he has passed away:* that, verily, would be an enormity in the sight of God.
And when the prayer is ended, disperse freely on earth* and seek to obtain [something] of God's bounty; but remember God often, so that you might attain to a happy state!
And yet, some choose to worship, instead of Him, imaginary deities that cannot create anything but are themselves created,* and have it not within their power to avert harm from, or bring benefit to, themselves, and have no power over death, nor over life, nor over resurrection!


And they [who now deny Our messages] must surely have come across that town which was rained upon by a rain of evil:* have they, then, never beheld it [with their minds eye]? But nay, they would not believe in resurrection!*


And He it is who makes the night a garment for you, and [your] sleep a rest, and causes every [new] day to be a resurrection.


AND [remember:] it is God who sends forth the winds, so that they raise a cloud, whereupon We drive it towards dead land and thereby give life to the earth after it had been lifeless: even thus shall resur­rection be!


He it is who has made the earth easy to live upon:* go about, then, in all its regions, and partake the sustenance which He provides: but [always bear in mind that] unto Him you shall be resurrected.