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The root layot (ل ي ت) occurs 14 times in Quran, in 1 derived forms:
  • 14 times as accusative lyt



But if good fortune comes to you from God, such a person* is sure to say - just as if there had never been any question of love between you and him - : "Oh, would that I had been with them, and thus had a [share in their] mighty triumph !"
If thou couldst but see [them] when they will be made to stand before the fire and will say, "Oh, would that we were brought back [to life]: then we would not give the lie to our Sustainer's messages, but would be among the believers!"
And [thus it happened:] his fruitful gardens were encompassed [by ruin], and there he was, wringing his hands over all that he had spent on that which now lay waste, with its trellises caved in; and he could but say, "Oh, would that I had not attributed divine powers to any but my Sustainer!"
And [when] the throes of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a palm-tree,* she exclaimed: "Oh, would that I had died ere this, and had become a thing forgotten, utterly forgotten!"
and a Day on which the evildoer will bite his hands [in despair], exclaiming: “Oh, would that I had followed the path shown to me by the apostle!*
Oh, woe is me! Would that I had not taken so-and-so for a friend!
And so he went forth before his people in all his pomp; [and] those who cared only for the life of this world would say, “Oh, if we but had the like of what Qarun has been given! Verily, with tremendous good fortune is he endowed!"
On the Day when their faces shall be tossed about in the fire,* they will exclaim, “Oh, would that we had paid heed unto God, and paid heed unto the Apostle!"
[And] he was told,* “[Thou shalt] enter paradise!" - [whereupon] he exclaimed: “Would that my people knew
But in the end,* when he [who has thus sinned] appears before us [on Judgment Day], he will say [to his other self], “Would that between me and thee there had been the distance of east and west!"* for, evil indeed [has proved] that other self!
But as for him whose record shall be placed in his left hand,* he will exclaim: "Oh, would that I had never been shown this my record,
Oh, would that this [death of mine] had been the end of me!
Verily, We have warned you of suffering near at hand - [suffering] on the Day when man shall [clearly] see what his hands have sent ahead, and when he who has denied the truth shall say, "Oh, would that I were mere dust... !"*
He will say, "Oh, would that I had. provided beforehand for my life [to come]!"