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The root bkr (ب ك ر) occurs 12 times in Quran, in 3 derived forms:
  • 2 times as noun abkar
  • 3 times as bkr
    • 2 times as adjective
    • 1 times as noun
  • 7 times as bkrẗ
    • 1 times as noun
    • 6 times as time adverb



[Zachariah] prayed: "O my Sustainer! Appoint a sign for me!" Said [the angel]: "Thy sign shall be that for three days thou wilt not speak unto men other than by gestures.* And remember thy Sustainer unceasingly, and extol His limitless glory by night and by day."


hence, remain thou patient in adversity - for, verily, God's promise always comes true - and ask forgiveness for thy sins, and extol thy Sustainer's glory and praise by night and by day.*



Said they: "Pray on our behalf unto thy Sustainer that He make clear to us what she is to be like." [Moses] replied: "Behold, He says it is to be a cow neither old nor immature, but of art age in-between. Do, then, what you have been bidden!"
having resurrected them as virgins,*


[O wives of the Prophet!] Were he to divorce [any of] you, God might well give him in your stead spouses better than you - women who surrender themselves unto God, who truly believe, devoutly obey His will, turn [unto Him] in repentance [whenever they have sinned] worship [Him alone] and go on and on [seeking His goodly acceptance]* - be they women previously married or virgins.*



Thereupon he came out of the sanctuary unto his people and signified to them [by gestures]: "Extol His limitless glory by day and by night!"
No empty talk will they hear there-nothing but [tidings of] inner soundness and peace;* and there will they have their sustenance by day and by night:*
And they say, “Fables of ancient times which he has caused to be written down, so that they might be read out to him at morn and evening!"*
and extol His limitless glory from morn to evening.*
so that you [O men] might believe in God and His Apostle, and might honour Him, and revere Him, and extol His limitless glory from morn to evening.*
And, indeed, abiding suffering did befall them early on the morrow:
and bear in mind thy Sustainer's name* at morn and evening