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The root Tlb (ط ل ب) occurs 4 times in Quran, in 4 derived forms:
  • 1 times as noun Tlb
  • 1 times as active noun Talb
  • 1 times as passive noun mTlwb
  • 1 times as verb yTlb



or its water sinks deep into the ground, so that thou wilt never be able to find it again!"



O MEN! A parable is set forth [herewith]; hearken, then, to it! Behold, those beings whom you invoke instead of God cannot create [as much as] a fly, even were they to join all their forces to that end! And if a fly robs them of anything, they cannot [even] rescue it from him! Weak indeed is the seeker, and [weak] the sought!
VERILY, your Sustainer is God, who has created the heavens and the earth in six aeons, and is established on the throne of His almightiness.* He covers the day with the night in swift pursuit, with the sun and the moon and the stars subservient to His command: oh, verily, His is all creation and all command. Hallowed is God, the Sustainer of all the worlds!