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The root SdE (ص د ع) occurs 5 times in Quran, in 5 derived forms:
  • 1 times as noun SdA
  • 1 times as form V active noun mtSdA
  • 1 times as form V verb ySdA
  • 1 times as form II passive verb ySdA
  • 1 times as verb aSdA



and the earth, bursting forth with plants!



HAD WE bestowed this Qur'an from on high upon a mountain, thou wouldst indeed see it humbling itself, breaking asunder for awe of God.* And [all] such parables We propound unto men, so that they might [learn to] think.
Set, then, thy face steadfastly towards the one ever-true faith,* ere there come from God a Day [of reckoning - the Day] which cannot be averted. On that Day all will be sundered:



by which their minds will not be clouded and which will not make them drunk;
Hence, proclaim openly all that thou hast been bidden [to say], and leave alone all those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God: