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The root Eqr (ع ق ر) occurs 8 times in Quran, in 2 derived forms:
  • 3 times as active noun Aaqr
  • 5 times as verb Aqr



[Zachariah] exclaimed: "O my Sustainer! How can I have a son when old age has already overtaken me, and my wife is barren?" Answered [the angel]: "Thus it is: God does what He wills."
"Now, behold, I am afraid of [what] my kinsfolk [will do] after I am gone,* for my wife has always been barren. Bestow, then, upon me, out of Thy grace, the gift of a successor
[Zachariah] exclaimed: "O my Sustainer! How can I have a son when my wife has always been barren and I have become utterly infirm through old age?"
And then they cruelly slaughtered the she-camel* and turned with disdain from their Sustainer's commandment, and said: "O Salih! Bring about that [punishment] with which thou hast threatened us, if thou art truly one of God's message bearers!"
But they cruelly slaughtered her.* And thereupon [Salih] said: "[Only] for three days [more] shall you enjoy life in your homes: this is a judgment* which will not be belied!"
But they cruelly slaughtered her - and then they had cause to regret it:*
But they summoned their [boldest] companion, and he ventured [upon the evil deed], and cruelly slaughtered [the animal]:*


But they gave him the lie, and cruelly slaughtered her* - whereupon their Sustainer visited them with utter destruction for this their sin, destroying them all alike: