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The root $fq (ش ف ق) occurs 11 times in Quran, in 3 derived forms:
  • 1 times as noun şfq
  • 2 times as form IV verb aşfq
  • 8 times as form IV active noun mşfqwn



BUT NAY! I call to witness the sunset's [fleeting] afterglow,



Verily, We did offer the trust [of reason and volition] to the heavens, and the earth, and the mountains:* but they refused to bear it because they were afraid of it. Yet man took it up -* for, verily, he has always been prone to be most wicked, most foolish.
Do you, perchance, fear lest [you may be sinning if] you cannot offer up anything in charity on the occasion of your consultation [with the Apostle]? But if you fail to do it [for lack of opportunity], and God turns unto you in His mercy, remain but con­stant in prayer and render [no more than] the purify­ing dues,* and [thus] pay heed unto God and His Apostle: for God is fully aware of all that you do.
And the record [of everyone's deeds] will be laid open; and thou wilt behold the guilty filled with dread at what [they see] therein; and they will exclaim: "Oh, woe unto us! What a record is this! It leaves out nothing, be it small or great, but takes everything into account!" For they will find all that they ever wrought [now] facing them, and [will know that] thy Sustainer does not wrong anyone.
He knows all that lies open before them* and all that is hidden from them:* hence, they cannot intercede for any but those whom He has [already] graced with His goodly acceptance, since they themselves stand in reverent awe of Him.*


who stand in awe of their Sustainer although He is beyond the reach of human perception,* and who tremble at the thought of the Last Hour.


Verily, [only] they who stand in reverent awe of their Sustainer,


Those who do not believe in it [mockingly] ask for its speedy advent* whereas those who have attained to faith stand in awe of it, and know it to be the truth. Oh, verily, they who call the Last Hour in question have indeed gone far astray!
[In that life to come,] thou wilt see the evil­doers full of fear at [the thought of] what they have earned: for [now] it is bound to fall back upon them. And in the flowering meadows of the gardens [of paradise thou wilt see] those who have attained to faith and done righteous deeds: all that they might desire shall they have with their Sustainer: [and] this, this is the great bounty -
They will say: “Behold, aforetime - when we were [still living] in the midst of our kith and kin - we were full of fear [at the thought of God's dis­pleasure]:*


and who stand in dread of their Sustainer's chastisement –